Free USPS ground shipping to the US when you purchase 2 or more pairs of laces.


What is the average turn around time?

Most orders will go out the next business day. 


What length laces should I get?

The best thing to do is measure your existing laces. Unfortunately, you can't just count the number of eyelets.  All shoes and boots are different and have a different distance between the eyelets on either side of the boot. I have 3 different Iron Rangers, one uses 46" and the other 2 use 52".   I personally prefer small tails on my laces, other people prefer longer and that could easily add another 3-4".  Using Kilties and the thickness of the tongue can also affect the lace length.


 What is the max length I can order?

When ordering custom you can go up to 130", anything over that please contact me for pricing.


What length laces are you using on your sample photos?

Most of those laces are 52" you can see how the length looks different on each boot. 


What's the purpose of waxing?

Waxing keeps your laces tighter. Paracord tends to need to be double knotted in order to keep tight. Many people don't like doing that or the look of the double knot. Waxing has allowed me to keep a single knot.


Does waxing affect the look of the laces?

Waxing typically darkens the color and mutes any brightness or luster.  When the ends are waxed you don't notice it much because just the knot and end are affected. If you are getting a lace that has a special sheen to it, I would only recommend waxing the ends so you can still see the laces going up the boot. 


How long will waxing last?

Depends,  initially it's quite tacky and that will lessen over time. In the long run waxed laces will still stay tighter than a non waxed lace. For everyday casual wearers the wax will stay tacky much longer than someone working the jobsite that could be prone to dusty conditions. 


Will these fit my shoes?

These fit most boots out there.  Some dressier and some hiking boots have smaller eyelets that wont fit the aglets.  Good rule of thumb is to look at your eyelets, are they the normal size compared to most other shoes you have? If so, they'll more than likely fit.   The aglets are 4mm thick, so be sure to measure. 


How do I keep my laces tight?

Wax them, otherwise use a double knot. Keeping the tails shorter also keeps your knots tighter.  


Tell me about the lifetime warranty

These laces are guaranteed for life against breakage.  If they break or an aglet comes off, send me an email and pic to and I will promptly send you new ones. Waxing is not permanent and won't  last a lifetime.


What is your return policy? 

Refunds will be made only if the wrong item was shipped.  Unfortunately, I cant take refunds for any other reason since they are made to order items specifically for you. Replacements will be sent if the laces break per the warranty.


Do you have any discounts?

Sometimes I will list a discount code on instagram, keep an eye out.