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About us

Hi, I’m Matt. I’m a husband, English Bulldog dad, travel junkie, photography lover, and a die hard Guns N’ Roses fan. Growing up I had a fascination with WWII, learning everything I could about it, and collecting memorabilia. Eventually, I developed a love for WWII paratrooper boots which naturally led to my first pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers, and now has me in a place that my wife refers to as “obsessed” with well-made boots. From Iron Rangers, Whites, to Nicks, Wesco, etc. I just can’t have enough pairs of beautiful boots.

Personalizing my boots with different laces just made this hobby and obsession of mine even more enjoyable, and I want to share that joy with you. I am passionate about making quality laces that not only look great, but are also so strong they’ll last a lifetime. Make your boots your own and stand out amongst the crowd, while looking great in the process with Generation Laces.

Thanks for taking a look around, and I hope to see #generationlaces in your boots and shoes soon!